Hey folks, just wanted to share a free Chrome extension for busting spam on Google Maps.  Getting rid of GMB spam is an easy way to improve your own search visibility. 

There are all kinds of spam -- whether it's lead gen operators "ranking and renting" GMB listings, or companies opening a fake second location, these tactics hurt businesses that are playing by the rules.

Google offers the Redressal Form as a support channel for spam.  To have spam removed, however, you'll need some proof.

The GMB Scanner extension finds address issues that violate Google guidelines:

  • Virtual offices
  • P.O. Boxes
  • Residential addresses
  • Vacant properties

You'll still need to do your own research, but GMB Scanner can point you in the right direction.

Hope it helps, and I always like to hear feedback!
Cool idea, thanks for sharing Zach!
This is awesome! When are you gonna expand this for other countries?
I'm looking into expanding the virtual office lookup to work internationally.  Some of the other features, like showing residential addresses, will probably continue to be U.S. only for a while, because it relies on USPS data -- expanding it to other countries would require integrating with each country's postal service, if they offer that data.
Hello, I just installed the extension. How do I activate it? I guess I may need to restart the browser.
Hey Luis, make sure you're on www.google.com/maps (it only activates there, and not on /search).  You should see the little alarm icon turn red when you're on that page.  Any virtual offices will be highlighted on /maps, and you can click into a listing to see more details (i.e. is it residential, a P.O. Box, etc).

Hope that helps!

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