Good morning to the community!

This is my first post here, so thanks for having me. I'd like to know two things related to your use of Nextdoor:

1) Do you consider a Nextdoor business listing to be a must-have/nice to have/don't need for the local businesses you market these days?

2) How are you tracking any metrics surrounding Nextdoor listings, such as traffic, clicks, leads?

Would love to hear your thoughts!
Hi Miriam,

Nextdoor listings don't appear to have much impact on the bigger picture (yet) but no harm having it in place.

Just be sure to read their Community Guidelines.... Very few people seem to bother and I'm bored of dealing with the fallout 😜
Hey Miriam, curious to hear your thoughts on this.
Do you think all local businesses should be active on Nextdoor?

From personal experience, my wife and I hired a plumber based on numerous recommendations by others on Nextdoor. He was great.

I think more and more people are going to Nextdoor to get recommendations from others in their local community.
Hi Davis,
I do think Nextdoor business listings are a good idea, but I think they are difficult for agencies to track. Nice to know you had a good experience using the platform as a customer. 

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