I develop WordPress plugins. It's not particularly local but is could a good place for reviews to reside. But WordPress, developer or plugin aren't options. I'm stuck with 'Website designer as my category which is clearly wrong.

What can I do to properly describe my business?
Hi. I cannot answer your question, but I was wondering if you could answer mine .. I have survey which I have created on another web site. I have been told I should have this on my actual web site (WordPress) what plug in would you suggest? This is the link to the survey: https://4eyes.io/s/cceOu/ This is my web site: www.kurtos-kalacs.com Thanks for your time ...
You can’t. The survey only works on their website. You might be able to embed an iframe or modal but the UX will be very poor. Who told you it needs to on your website?
Hi, thanks so much for your answer. I don't actually want to put that exact survey on my web site, but create (make a new survey, but the same content) and put that on my web site. So, I was asking is there a wp plugin which could do similar.Β  A SEO guy said I should have this on my web site as traffic is going to another web site and not my own.
The SEO guy is talking a load of tosh. In any case, a survey is just a form. There are loads of form plugins. But if you want to collate and analyse the entries you may need something bespoke. There are survey plugins but I don’t use them. I build my own.
Personally, I would use my time to develop a GMB account for a wordpress plugin business. I don't think it's worth your time. You should consider where your audience would best see your reviews and plugin information. I think GMB is not the place.Β 
I agree. But I get a lot of focused traffic from Google. Reviews help ranking. It's the reviews I want not the GMB page.
Those reviews would be more useful elsewhere and still count.Β 
Yo ο»Ώ fisicx ο»Ώ Try Primary Category "software company" secondary category "website designer." Then make sure you are updating your products with "WordPress plugins" that you have developed. Also, utilize Google My Business posts feature to highlight all things plugin related, new WordPress Plug-ins you want to feature, new WordPress Plug-ins you have seen that you like, New ideas about WordPress Plugins, Feature any WordPress Plugin related events that you are attending, looking forward too, know about even...and any other event that you can think of that is "your specialty related." Activate your messages in the GMB app and make product posts about WordPress Plugins. Post covid Updates about the business and possible WordPress Plug-ins like banners, cookie notifications, PWA stuff, pop-ups...etc... That's what I would do. Also, make a comprehensive Q and A and seed WordPress Plugin related Q and A "from the owner." If you have any videos, upload them to YouTube, optimize the YouTube post with "WordPress Plugin" details (assuming it's a WordPress Plugin related video), and then post those and link them in your GMB. If you have a website that specifies your WordPress Plug-ins related service or product, get it all set up in Google Search Console and analytics and link your GMB to the website. Use Google tags at the end of your to links in the GMB profile. That basic stuff will help Google understand what you do, so when people search for you, Google can recommend your listing to them.Β 

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