Curious to hear what people think about this.

Everyone basically agrees that backlinks to your website help the website's ranking, but there are varying answers about whether backlinks to your GMB listing help its ranking.

Do you think backlinks to your Google My Business listing help ranking at all?
Do you mean links directly to and a CID?  Or to a address?

I can't pretend to know the answer to this, but I wonder how you could get an answer.  Maybe by comparing businesses that have similar link profiles, but GMB vs their own domain.  I can already hear the chants of "correlation vs causation" coming!

I would assume it does. 

I have been testing keyword specific campaigns on GMB without any of that content on a website. The website is showing those keywords in the data. I would assume any links to those campaigns would pass some juice. 
It does not help. Many have tested this and determined it is not an effective or impactful tactic. It’s a waste of your time and money. Link to your website, not your GMB listing. SterlingSky published the results of their test here:
Awesome stuff, thanks for sharing Darren :)
Along similar lines... what about when people create a silo structure with GMB posts-- somewhere in the body of the copy linking back to the previous GMB post. Any benefit?
I have never heard of this tactic. I am skeptical that it would do anything... I mean, how do you even link to a specific post?
Darren Shaw Each post has a share button which generates a link. That's copied into the subsequent post. Each post links back to the previous. Have seen people do this ad nauseum. Dunno why. All the signals keep pushing back to other posts. No clue. Seems like a waste to me and a lot of work.
I've heard of this, but don't think it has any benefit

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