Woke up to see my listing was unverified after 8+ months of being active. We didn't make any changes to the listing that could cause this. 

We resent the postcard but know those take forever, has anyone used the reinstatement form for this at all or any advice??

(I already posted in the official GMB support thread as well)
Strange... Was there anything done at all between it being verified and then unverified?
Nope! I had been doing Google Posts on it every other day for the past like.. 7 months? That's it. So I had posted on it as normal on Monday. Nothing else. And it was just this listing, none of our other locations. 
Does your business have an actual physical address that isn't shared with another company?
We have our own address, I mean granted it is in an office building but we have our own office. 

Update on this though too, apparently, it's a larger issue as many others have started reporting this same issue on the GMB support forum so it's just not my listing
They'll whack a listing if there's another listing at that address. 

Did you list your room number or just the building address?
We listed the room number, so there were definitely no other businesses listed at our exact address. 

The listing was previously verified so it seems to just be a bug/issue on Google's end.
If, it's still unresolved I can help you
It still is, but we've been advised to just wait for the postcard. I already have contacted official Google support, over a week and no response. 
I have been setting up google my business locations for 5 years over 50 profiles and I'm just now having strange things happen. Last month I was setting up a couple businesses and the new listings kept getting suspended and this month the mail has stopped coming. I think google is having major problems right now possibly because they're focused or putting resources on election stuff... idk.
Ya we have a different location that has been waiting for a postcard for like 2 months :/
I'm talking to a few other people about this right now. Someone told me they think google is focused on health care and essential businesses only right now. Could be a few months until google is back to normal. 

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