How often do you post on your GMB listing?

And do you think it's possible to post too often on GMB?
At least once a week so there is always at least 1 post. Totally fine to post more often and trigger a posts carousel. One benefit of posting regularly is that you can get the content from posts pulled into a "Related to your search" carousel on your listing that can really help drive more conversions. Example:
Agreed with Darren. Businesses should be posting at least once a week so you always have at least 1 post active.

Amazing how many businesses completely ignore posts.

Curious to hear your thoughts Darren: Do you think posting consistently on GMB helps improve Map Pack ranking?
Mike Thompson I know that posts do NOT impact rankings. At least not directly. They definitely help in so many other ways though:
  • Conversions! You can present your offers in posts and they often lead directly to sales. It's free ad space on Google! Shocking how many people don't take advantage of the opportunity here.
  • Having posts on your listings can draw attention and make your listing stand out from the competition.
  • Posts can drive what we call "Justifications". These show up in the search results. See screenshot below.
  • They can also drive those "Related to your search" carousels I mentioned above.
  • Adding posts can indirectly increase conversions through behavioral signals. More people clicking on your listing, spending more time on your listing, and engaging with your listings can tell Google that this is a listing people like and that they should rank higher.

Summary: Google Posts are incredibly valuable regardless of potential ranking benefits!

Darren Shaw Awesome stuff, thanks for sharing!
Do you have a study or something that shows that posts definitely do not have a direct impact on rankings?
Also, no, not possible to post too often. I probably wouldn't post more than once a day though. It's not instagram. :)
Once in a week to once in a month. You can post anytime if you want to but not advisable, once in a day should be max.
I've found a program that lets me schedule GMB posts which is AWESOME. Although it only schedules as an 'update' and you don't have the option to select which style of post you want. I compile our customer photos from the previous month and schedule them out to post once a day for the next month. The general public doesn't know if they bought the car today or a month ago. I just like the convenience/time management of scheduling out content for GMB. 

Hey Casey, you can schedule GMB posts with OneUp as well: (I am the co-founder 😊)

Different types of posts like Event posts are supported as well, you can choose any type of CTA buttons, and you can even set posts to automatically repeat if you wish.

Also, you can choose for the images in your posts to also be added to the Photos section of GMB:

Davis Baer I'll check it out! Any chance your platform can schedule out Insta/Facebook story posts? And I'd love to give you the opportunity to give me a free 30 day trial! haha! 
Casey McAvoy Instagram Stories will be supported soon (via push notification), possibly Facebook Stories soon after that.

Happy to give you 30 days. Just sign up and let me know on the chat in OneUp once done. I will then lengthen it to a 30-day trial 😊

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