So I am using advertising as primary category and marketing as secondary. I have seen few agencies using Information services as 3rd category option. 

If I make change now, do you think it will mess with listing result?
Hey, good question.. I've done some reading on this, and it seems like adding more secondary categories doesn't dilute search visibility. 

Joy Hawkins describes her experience when adding more secondary categories.

One note of caution I'd add is to be sure your website is really relevant for the categories.  I don't think adding more categories dilutes anything, but if engagement declines because visitors don't see relevancy, that would most likely have a negative ranking impact.
Thank you Zach for getting back so quickly, I loved reading that article. have added new category for ad agency Bizadmark. Hoping for best. 
You should be more precise when selecting categories, the main is primary categorry
Secondary categories are there not to confuse Google, but make your visibility more stronger.

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