Hi all, 
I am pretty new in the Local SEO topic and currently try to push our companies GMB ranking.
I came along the term "Google Map Stacking" and "Google Site Authority Stacking" quite a lot and it seems to be very interesting.
Since I have some spare time and am interested in educating myself in SEO, I'd like to try it myself, but unfortunately can not find a "good" tutorial.
I mostly just find videos/websites where people explain what it is and who offer to do it for me.
But I'd like to know how it works and how I can do it myself.

Thus, I'm looking for something like a tutorial or a good overview.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards, Julius

Yep, just add links to the work once finished.
It's crazy to me how when someone ask a question they are being given info that doesn't fix the solution or they just post an offer so they can make a few bucks. I thought forums were really about helping. Your better off going to fiver.com and pay $5 for it and spend your time doing your on and off page SEO. One thing I have learned about SEO in the last 11 years is that everyone gives you lil pieces of truth.

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