Looking for advice and further reading on helping a new business establish their listings. 

These are different businesses but I’m inclined to recommend they consolidate to one listing/website, revise their existing websites to landing pages that direct to the new page, concentrate on that page’s content and building community as whole.

A ranch with separate businesses on site, residential (their home/street view) in front.
Business 1. Yoga studio is being built but all outdoors at this time. 
Business 2. Gardening and wellness workshops in their fields.
Business 3. Artist studio.

- I haven’t worked with someone who does work out of their home. 
- Houston doesn’t zone, it is common for a business to be within a residential area & be your neighbor.
Hey Sarah!  Are the businesses truly separate, in the legal sense?  Having separate listings for the same legal business entity, at the same address, might open you up to a suspension.  If it's the same business, but different services, then I'd recommend one listing.  

However, if these are truly separate businesses, you might want to consider the impact on how the reviews are split up on GMB.  Would it make sense to have reviews for these different services falling under the same listing?  Google considers keywords in the reviews a ranking signal, so having reviews for such diverse services may dilute that signal.

I'd say, if they're separate entities, and they would have different primary categories, then you're probably okay to use different listings for each if you want to do that.

Sorry for the "it depends" answer!  But there's some nuance to consider here.

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