I'm not used to rejection! I posted the exact same event/text/graphic etc...on about 10 other GMB pages and they were not rejected. Any thoughts? 
Tough one. Let us know if others get rejected. Might just be a fluke. Maybe it's classified as irrelevant or off-topic. 
Try removing the words "Join Us" and instead just facts.  Also try just an image vs an image with text.
Possibly because of too much text overlay on the image? Not sure...
Ok...someone at Google hates Halloween! Made it simple. No text on image, no emoji's, no ALL CAPS. Maybe Google also knows that we've had an increase in Covid cases and they're telling me NO ON SITE EVENTS! #Lost #FMH #forgetmyhalloween
Rejected the post nearly a minute after it was posted. 

You could send them to a landing page and post details there.
There was some talking that you cannot put phone number or URL's in the post anymore. So try with that.

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