I wanted to refresh this topic and see if anyone has any insight to forcing Google to add your social profiles to your GMB listings? Thank you!

These are the things I do:

Linking to social profiles on website
Including website address on social profiles
I keep the social profiles active each week

But it feels random what Google is doing as I cannot consistently get the profiles to appear.

Are their any opportunities I am missing that could improve the chances of the profiles appearing?
Why do you want people to visit FB or whatever? If they have searched for something local then they are ready to pick up the phone. Your profile should be enough to do this. It’s like putting you social links on your website - pointless. You want people to come from FB not go to FB.
You're right, I don't want people going to FB or other social profiles but I do want to have strong local authority through all means possible. If that means google ranks me higher because according to them, all my social profiles represent the business/brand and give me higher authority then that's what I'm after. 
Casey McAvoy Google doesn’t care about your social profiles. Authority comes from what other people say about you not what you say about yourself.
You'd be better of spending your time getting mentions for the business in the local newspapers, blogs, etc with a link back to the site associated with the listing if building local authority is your goal. Adding social links to your GMB is not going to do anything for you, unless you want people to hit up your social pages.
I agree with both  Casey McAvoy   and  fisicx    , on the one hand I think it is good to have social profiles in gmb that is good for the CTR and to create trust, I also understand that it is even a conversion factor but also as  fisicx   said , google it´s not very interested that we go to facebook or instagram and leave gmb, we would have to see which is the best option. Any experiment? The  GMB Gorilla  option´s it is good offcourse.
I agree there are higher-value activities for ranking a site (Links as mentioned by  GMB Gorilla ). But I am interested in how Google determines what social proof will appear in the GMB and if it's possible to influence it.

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