Was wondering if anyone knows any unique market research techniques? Everyone knows about google analytics.Β 
Hey Wickd, what exactly do you mean by market research techniques?
Mhmm, I just wanted to know. How you'd go about researching if there is a demandΒ  for a product your selling or how would you go about looking for what's in demand.Β 
I’m a fan of Google Trends and the the Pew Market Research site. Sites like city-data/areavibes (and many others) can show more localized data that can prove helpful as well.
Thank you for the tips Eric. Much appreciated
Holy crap. The pew market research site is pretty awesome. Thank you for the gem.Β 
If you have a similar product that can be found on Amazon you can use chrome extensions to estimate sales and demand flux.Β 

GA isn't a market research tool, it's a web analytics tool.Β 

If you have a new product or a new idea I would share it on social sites and see what you find - you could even use this forum.Β 
I'm totally new to chrome extensions, wow. I'll definitely be downloading a few. There's actually some very helpful ones on here.Β 

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