Hey Inder, what kind of work are they doing? The price will depend of the services being rendered.
I'm new to SEO so I'm not sure what services. However I would want our business to show up first for keywords on search and maps.Β 
Since you mentioned little to medium competition, I'll tailor my answer around that, because the picture is much different when it comes to high competition keywords.

There are tactics that work in low competition situations that would otherwise fail to move the needle in more competitive markets.Β  The most important of these is probably going to be citation building.Β  Find out what the major directories are for your category, and make sure you are listed on these sites.Β  Just to take an example, if you were a plumber, you might look at buildzoom.com or findaplumber.com.Β  Don't go overboard and worry about getting hundreds of citations.

In a really competitive field like law firms, citations are probably not worth spending significant time on, but I believe they can have an impact when competition is not as stiff.

Depending on your business category, reviews may play an important role.Β  Google considers both review count and rating as a signal, as well as the text within those reviews.Β  If your competitors have more reviews, it can be worth making sure you are asking the right people for reviews.Β  If you have multiple locations or your competitors have thousands of reviews, review software can help manage those reviews and earn more.

Lastly, if you have a smaller budget, I wouldn't worry about paying for content writing.Β  You'll want to flesh out your website with pages describing your services, the locations you serve, and possibly bios for your employees.Β  Paying for regular content writing, for a blog for instance, is only worthwhile if you pay for quality, and are willing to invest over the long term.Β  Paying for a handful of blog articles isn't going to help much, if at all.

Hope that helps!

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