I like testing stuff. I want to see how well a GMB does when there isn't a listing before and no website. This is for a Local home builder.

 I can't track good phone call leads as the local business doesn't use a CRM besides a notepad, and I don't want to port it. The contact and quote forms sent directly to me to see the quality of the lead. 

I'm about 4-weeks in. Services haven't been optimized with pricing or service info as I'm experimenting with various parts of GMB to see what it does. 

Week 1 - Listed Business (verified), 
Week 2 - Built GMB site, optimized all stuff on the info section. Created the first post. 
Week 3 - Started posting 1-2 times a week. Solicited a single review - received.  
Week 4 - Received loads of images - posted loads of images. 

Some insight photos below. 

Anyone else like to test and experiment? 

Hey Jeff_T , have you seen the article Mike Blumenthal published not too long ago?  He started with a small business that had basically no digital presence (i.e. Facebook page only), and went with a GMB only approach.  He used the GMB website builder for their site. 

The most influential factors for his experiment seemed to be the GMB website title tag, and reviews.

Here's the link if you hadn't seen his write-up.
This looks like a great read. Thanks for the share. It should give me some added information to digest as I run my experiment. 
Zach Any idea how he tracked GMB rank? I'm assuming he decided on keywords and set up a scan of the google serps for that local area. But, I'm not totally sure. 
Jeff_T I believe he used Brightlocal's tracker, which if I'm not mistaken, is a zip code level tracker.  GMB rank tracking is a little tricky, given how important proximity is for the results.  A few tools let you do grid scans down to the lat / long level.  I have my own tool that does that, but there are a handful of them now.

I've been doing this for a year for my barber, he is my private client. Basically, the premise is similar, verified GMB, has only FB and IG pages, no website, no GMB website (but I'm thinking about it). I post 1 post a month but have loads of photos and around 150 reviews, 4.9 average score. Below are the stats, sorry, its in croatian language.

Thanks for sharing.  I'm curious what you think has been most helpful for the search visibility of your client -- reviews, the photos, GMB posts?
Zach, I think it's the combo of photos and reviews that are replied. Also, I regularly check the most popular queries that led customers to my GMB, the first two are barbershop and barbershop + location
David Blažević Very cool. Where does the customer rank on the 3 pack? 

Looks like there might be a website? 5% of actions to a website. 5% of people are looking for something more. I wonder what the biggest question is that he receives via phone call. 

Your listing on search and maps compared to customer actions is huge - great job. 
Jeff_T, the client ranks in 3 pack for positions 2-3, It's a very competitive niche and others are using spam tactics (KW's in the profile name).

As for the website, no, I've put his FB page as his web, thinking he would eventually give in and finally start building his own website :D As I said, I'm thinking of creating a GMB web, just to give Google a signal that we have used this option as well and test it, to see if that constitutes as some sort of ranking signal. It cannot hurt, though.

As for the phone calls, when we started our cooperation, I advised him to have people book appointments via phone, cause the waiting period in his shop was very long (you had to wait your turn for about an hour, so there was a physical bounce rate there :D ). He was stubborn about it and only this pandemic situation has forced him to do that. So, nearly all the phone calls are booking inquiries and I would say around 70-80% conversion rate.

Oh, and he has yet to enable GMB messaging function, don't as me why, it's a slow process with this client, but the results are great.

And I'm not receiving any financial compensation for my work, he does my hair and beard for free, win-win for both of us :D

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