I usually just upload images of my business to GMB without the title but have always wondered if its worth the effort to title them.
Not really, it is not a ranking factor. 
Maybe not a ranking factor but it adds context. People looking at your profile will now know what they are looking at. This may sway them to convert.
To add to that, it also helps people refer to it, especially if you give it a name or a particular distinction. It’s easier to say “the Red Passion metallic floor” than “the  ”the floor with the red and black swirls, that’s glossy and shines sparkles”. 

Also, what is not a ranking factor? The choice of words (keywords) in the titles or the characters added? If you ad a description in the title people will read it, with or without a CTA it may generate an interaction which I believe have a positive effect on ranking. 
 Roberto  Adding titles to images is not a direct ranking factor in that merely adding titles does not directly result in a rankings increase. You points are very valid, and a great reason to include them because not everything is about better rankings, etc. Sometimes it's good practice simply because it helps customers 😃 
Right but low impact activities add up in the effort/time department, it would be better to apply it to higher impact activities.

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