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GMB Processing for 5 days?

New company (about 3 months) and I got them all set up and started and now it is still currently "processing" for 5 days after being confirmed. Is there anything I can do to expedite the process?

Very high TTFB?

I am now working on optimizing a site, but I ran into an issue that I haven't seen before on any other site I have done. I have a TTFB of about 300ms in the local IP area. Is this an issue where I can contact the host for technical support or is there something I can do with the server to fix this? This is a local construction service company if that information is useful as well.

Good and updated Local SEO checklist?

I am trying to get more organized and want to have a good checklist to make sure I cover all of my basis. Anybody have any good links or resources?

I switched my company to a new address and have verified with google 3 times and it automatically switches back to the old address. How do I fix this?