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I am a Digital Marketing Manager overseeing SEM, SEO, PPC, Lead Nurturing, Email Marketing, and Web Management.
 Ben Fisher , it must be allowable because our competitors have been doing it for years. The guidelines say it is allowable, within certain criteria.
 Blue Ocean HQ , nope. That is not correct. There are no normal business hours because the location is empty unless there is an appointment. Thus my question.
How many locations do you have in the group? One acct. I manage has 121 and the other like 80. I do not get notified.
Wow. Just when we think we have it figured out we don't. The pretty much sums up being an SEO though. I mange 200+ locations so I wonder if qty has anything to do with why I do not get notified.
Hi Amy, correct, I am referring to the Q&A in a GMB listing. What paid app would notify you of a question asked? I manage over 200 locations for 2 different businesses and noticed questions have been sitting there for months that the business can easily answer.