Mike Thompson

I run a local SEO agency
I've seen people argue both sides, some saying that geo-tagging photos helps, others saying that it doesn't move the needle at all in your Google My Business listing.

What do you think?
Based on what I've read, I'm skeptical that Google would take geo-tagging data into account for anything.  John Mueller himself in 2017 repeated what Matt Cutts had said 3 years earlier at that point, that geotagging data is not taken into consideration.

Bill Slawski has written about some interesting Google patents involving image analysis, but those patents seem 100% focused on spam fighting.  I also imagine that analysis is done with machine learning of some kind, and doesn't bother with the image metadata.

I have done this and noticed a improvement in the amount of photo views - not sure if it was fluke but from what I've seen it does improve the views but not necessarily the rankings.