Hi Guys, I am just getting start in freelancing and want to build a strong profile. I am looking for a project to showcase my SEO skill. I am ready to do work free of cost until my work did not get the result for you.
One of the best pieces of advice I can give is to build a local business directory targeting the nearest major metro and optimize the hell out of it. It was the absolute best thing I ever did and still produces clients for my agency.
I’ve got a client selling home accessories (about 300 products). They are looking to rank in the UK.
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I have to ask something from you guys that how can I make pointers on google maps, as it is shown in the snippet attached. I have make business listing or citations for my clients businesses, but want to know how to make these pointers.

I don't make many of them, but what I do is create and download a radius map on freemaptools.com, then upload that to a Google my map.

Then I create a 500 word article on article forge and spin it with spinrewriter.

Then I manually place the pins and add in the spun content, links, and additional keywords.

If I'm feeling really ambitious I'll stack a few of them together.
Is this meant to help with ranking?  I'm kind of skeptical that this does anything.  Where would these pointers show up, and who would see them?
By themselves they probably don't do a lot. We use them as part of a google stack.