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I work for Google on GMB. I love to hear feedback from real people. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

Google research on managers of multiple GMB listings - help us improve the platform!

Hi folks,

We're doing some research at Google on how managers of multiple GMB locations use the product. We're interested in your pain points and how we might improve the overall product and experience. We'll walk through some new designs and get your feedback.

If you're interested, please fill out the ~3 minute survey below and we'll be in touch:

There's also an €85 (~$100) incentive to compensate your for your time.

We look forward to speaking you.

Kind regards,
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Improvements to GMB for 3Ps/Agencies/Chains

We're thinking about a few improvements to the way GMB works for 3Ps/Agencies/Chains--essentially anyone managing ~10 or more listings.

At a high level, the changes we're considering fall into the following categories:
  1. ) Bulk actions: the ability to update listing information, add photos/logos and create posts across multiple listings.
2.) Better notifications: sending emails and push notifications for updates to your profiles, new reviews, etc. Potentially even an alerts center in-product with any issues that may exist with your listings.
3.) Improved analytics: summaries across all listings in addition to the single listing report that we provide today.

Would any of these improvements be useful to you? Are there other things we should be thinking about for folks managing a large number of listings?

I look forward to your feedback!
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2021 Wishlist for Google My Business?

Happy holidays all,

I work for Google and on GMB in particular. I recently discovered this forum a few weeks ago, and I've been really impressed with the wealth of knowledge within this community.

Given there are a lot of GMB experts here, I'd like to just ask point blank if there are any features or changes that you'd like to see us make in the product next year? [Disclaimer: I can't promise we'll implement all suggestions, but we'll certainly do our best to make any reasonable improvements.]

I look forward to hearing your suggestions!
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