Morgan  It would not make me terribly happy, Google created the issues why should we have to pay just to be able to actually fight off the issues caused by Google. But since they are the 900 pound gorilla we would have no choice but to do that. Plus I imagine it would either be tiered based on how many you manage or per email address and frankly I am terrified of allowing all of my customers to be in one email address after the last time they hit them all because someone lied and convinced them a listing was fake. 
It looks like they have created about a thousand driving directions to the central location from a LOT of places. I am not sure why the map markers are all different colors it might be a type of map marker. 
 Morgan  It was definitely too easy to get someones real listing suspended, frustratingly the clearly fake listings where they have a Regus or other obvious virtual office address seem to be able to stick around forever. When I first started I rented an office in a building that Regus was in and in spite of not being the Regus suite number or even floor my listing got suspended but I see people all the time using virtual office addresses.  

I cant imagine what the competitor sent to Google other than them having a high guide level. They filled out my contact form to say they were going to get my listings taken down and based on some other things they said I know it was a competitor. He was upset that my home office was in another city but he could not beat my rankings in his home city. 

I have a client who's competition changed the map view of the front of their store to behind a dollar store with a ton of trash all over the place and it took forever to get that fixed, then they did it again! Its right at the moment but I have to check it frequently.

The biggest thing Google could change would be to never refuse to communicate. to actually respond and tell us why they think it is ineligible, the refusal to communicate and just sending a link to the policies is very frustrating. Never refuse to communicate just because you think its not real especially as many times as its been proven that Google was wrong. The time I mentioned where I took the video from the parking lot up to the suite the Google rep had sent me an email saying "Please know that based on the checks done by our team, your business profile isn’t eligible to be displayed on Google Maps." Latter of course they did finally admit its eligible and put it back up. But for two or three weeks after that email I could not get any response out of them. I posted the video on YouTube not public, you had to have the link to see it but then posted the video on twitter with a GMB hashtag then in a day or two it was eligible. Might have been a coincidence on the timing I don't know, I realize that correlation is not causation. 

Back when you had phone support (please bring that back turning that off really sucks since its so easy for them to just ignore an email) I had Google employees tell me (eventually after many calls) that no matter what you send us it will never be reactivated using this email, just start a new listing in a new email address. That is of course a violation of the GMB TOS and could cause future suspensions for changing the email address so maybe some training on not telling people to violate the rules so they don't have to do some extra work would be nice. 

Another big one is they should never under any circumstance suspend all listings in an account because they think one is ineligible. Other customers like a Doctors office and a Contractor etc.. should not get suspended because they think the locksmith that was being managed by the same SEO company was a fake listing. BTW the locksmith had photos of his van, the storefront of his shop in a strip mall and the interior on top of having been there long enough that you could see it in the Google street view! I feel bad for the real locksmiths, I don't even want to take them as clients anymore because of Google auto banning everything in my account randomly. 

Sorry for the long rant but this is something that has been a massive thorn in my side for many years. I grew rapidly a few years back hired a ton of people then got gutted by Google killing the listings. I lost many tens of thousands of dollars. I was a dingy stuck between the battleship and the dock. I barely survived. 
Unfortunately Google has made negative attacks from competitors or non customers who just do not like you something that is very easy for them to do. There are terms for reviews that they can violate but its still hard to get anything done. Here is from the request review removal:


  • Only flag reviews that violate Google policies.
  • Don't flag a review just because you disagree with it or don't like it.
  • Google doesn't get involved when businesses and customers disagree about facts, since there's no reliable way to discern who's right about a particular customer experience.
  • Be patient. It can take several days for a review to be assessed.
Tip: You cannot flag third-party hotel reviews. To flag an inappropriate third-party review, contact the third-party provider directly. You can click the reviewer's name to be redirected to the third-party website. Soon after the review is removed or altered at the third-party website, changes will be reflected on your business profile on Google Maps

I have found the best thing to do is to respond to their negative review by calling the person out. Say this person has never been a customer of ours in your response. If you had been a customer we would have gone out of our way to make sure you were happy with our service. 

Here is the link to Googles review policies. If you think they are actually a competitor call them out for it in your response. 
 Morgan  I can see when the business has made no edits in a year or even six months allowing people to make suggestions but these have all been listings where we were actively making posts, seeing malicious edits then changing it back to what it was supposed to be and the next day they would get changed again it is so frustrating. 

Maybe have a lock this listing option that you have to redo every 60 days or something so unscrupulous competitors can't just make regular edits to your GMB. Right now you have to watch it daily just to fight off Google allowing this, it is just unfair to every business owner. You cant expect them or even people like us to have to be in each GMB every single day its absurd. 

At any given time I am usually managing about 100 GMB's. Unfortunate I learned the hard way not to manage them all in the same email address. A while back Google decided a listing was fake (it was not) and auto banned every single listing in the account. Many of the listings were even visible in street view shots of the location! As in you could clearly see the signs on the building etc..  

Sorry for this rant but I had to go through the whole idiotic process of trying to get the GMB back to live. First your GMB "help" people would not even talk to me (this is when you had phone support but this basic system is still in place now they just refuse to answer the email) they would just say ineligible.  No explanation, just the same form email saying it violates some guideline with a link to the published guidelines. I would send in absolute proof and in some cases it took nearly a year to get them to see the truth even with photos of the building, lobby directory sign showing the company name, sign on the suite door, interior photos, I did a video walking from the parking lot into the building up the elevator to the suite unlocking the door and going into the suite zooming the camera in on the email from them saying its fake and it took me another month or two to get it solved even with that. I sent them a copy of my lease, my liability insurance and still it took months. There is absolutely no excuse for that. In one case I had a surgical practice with multiple locations and they questioned if it should be a service area business. Like surgeons can come to you!

Every time Google would refuse to even talk to me it ended up being because one listing was determined by them to be spam bad so they would not even communicate, when I removed that one listing all the sudden they would respond on the others and slowly (this part really sticks in my gut) respond one by one that this listing is eligible you don't have to do anything else. No changes to the listing on my part just now its eligible, no apology from Google for making such an egregious mistake nothing just one sometimes maybe two in a day approved. They would say ineligible if I sent in too many in a single day it had to be one maybe two once they had approved a few in a row. 

Then eventually after banging my head against the wall for months and months on end get the one they decided was super fake in the first place live. No changes to the listing just Google finally admitting that the mountain of proof I sent was enough to convince them that I was not in violation of some secret rule. I say secret rule because it clearly never violated any of the published rules. 

Again sorry for the rant this has been something that has been a thorn in my side for years and I am terrified its going to happen again. I have a pretty solid mountain of proof on each location and I think I have figured out a way to get them to admit its real a little quicker next time maybe but its absolutely ridiculous to have to go through this regularly because a competitor used the tools you provide to attack us. 
People respond to those emails? I guess I have not seen one where they actually looked at the site and not just sent a form email. 

The best way to get clients is to rank high for Your City/SEO
It would be nice to be able to update holiday hours across a large group of listings. Everyone was closed on Christmas but I had to manually change it for everyone. 

A lock this listings primary information button would be nice so we could lock our phone number URL and business name so competitors cant do malicious edits. Or you could stop letting users edit our listings all together that would be fantastic. 
Yes I have experienced this, make sure your number is in the top right of the page so they see it right away. Its most likely a competitor or unscrupulous SEO for a competitor who has a level 6 or above guide status. Google takes their word over yours and even over it clearly showing on the website sometimes!
Please for the love of God stop allowing competitors the ability to change details in listings. We should be able to lock the content if the listing has been claimed. I get if you guys create a listing and its unclaimed but proactively making changes to claimed listings is absurd. 

On top of that we have to log in or look at the listing on google to even see that it's been changed no notifications are sent you just change it!  Sometimes you will have a review and accept changes notification. How about a reject changes option?

I cant tell you how many times I have checked my listings then a few days later I find that they were changed again it's so frustrating. Does Google think we have nothing better to do than check our gmb for vandalism from our competitors every couple of hours?

At bare minimum if someone tries to change the website or name or phone number google should never change that info without agreement from the business owner and again a reject changes option needs to exist. Now we have to click on the lined out info and re enter it that's insulting. 

If someone has tried to change it look at the history. Has that change been made before and rejected by the business owner in a claimed listing? Yes then stop trying to change it. 

Please allow business owners the ability to strike photos posted by supposed customers. I have seen so many fake photos or waiting room photos at a doctors office that shows other patients faces its insane. I has an ob/gyn client that found out from an angry customer that someone had posted a photo that included them. It took two weeks to get it removed. Every second it was up was a hiipa violation. 

I have a competitor who every year somehow convinces Google that I am fake. He fills out my contact form to taunt me before hand so it's not my imagination. Each time it takes me months to get Google to even look at the mountain of proof that they are real. I have an office that out of the first 12 months it was open it was suspended for 11 months. This is in spite of me providing photos of the sign on the door. The lobby directory showing my company name and suite number. Photos from inside the office. Even a copy of the lease and liability insurace! One time someone from google told me they "checked" and that they found out the listing was fake.  I went outside and took an unbroken video from the parking lot to the lobby directory showing my info, up the elevator, down the hall showing my office door sign, me unlocking the door and then doing a close up of the email from Google claiming they checked and it took me another nearly two months of submitting that along with all the other evidence to get it unsuspended. Google has caused my company so much financial harm from this it makes me sick to think about it.