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Your Google My Business #ACCOUNT has been suspended

Did this happen to anyone else.
First Google sent an email saying "Your Google My Business account has been suspended"; then all Google My Business Listing (Total 39 Listings) got suspended instantly at once.

Kindly advice! Is there any way to get this issue resolved?
Looking forward to your kind response.
Thank you!

Google My Business Listing Without Website | Ranking And Leads...

Any tips to improve the proximity and relevancy of the listing without a website by only using Google's business site?

What are the best possible ways to get more leads and top ranking on Google My Business listing without having a proper website?

Multiple location listings linked together.

How can I link my listings of the same business together like this? 
Any idea?

A bug? GMB insights photo view suddenly went down for each client on the same date.

I have noticed that in almost 100+ clients that Photo views suddenly went down on the same date.

Did any of you notice this?


Click on this link and you will find more screenshots for reference.

Does Google Stack Entities affect Local SEO like it used to?

Does website's ranking effect GMB listing's ranking?

I am currently testing two listings with the same category and trying to use the same strategy, the difference is one listing is using the business site and the other listing using the proper website.
If anyone from this community can share their studies or experience then that would be great!

Showing Distance for Service Area Business.

In the attached photo we can see the distance. (Highlighted in red).
But my question is this listing is service area business listing, Is this Bug or anything else?

Google 10 Pack!

Here are some images which are showing that Google is showing 10 packs result instead of 3 Pack?

Tweets 01:

Tweets 02:

but I am unable to see this? Can any of you see this?
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