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Hello there! I need to do a competitive SEO analysis (keywords, traffic etc) for my client and curious to know what sort of tools/platforms do you usually use to do that? I'm familiar with SEMrush and Ahrefs, but maybe you could recommend for me something else. Cheers :)
Yes, I agree. All of the "public data" from tool vendors is going to be off from the true numbers they see. Plus, what if they suck and are doing the wrong things? I see this every day, even from the "best" companies in the world.

Rather than focus on competitors, you might be better served to look into which keywords are low hanging fruit (where you already rank 5-15) where incremental improvements to the page or promotion of it can yield strong results. This is usually a better way to move the needle for clients and it has much more realistic expectations in terms of payoff.

Don't chase competitors - make them chase you!
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Always difficult this as you will never be certain what keywords work best for your competitors and you will never know their traffic. For all you know they could have a hidden gem of a keyword that generates a load of converting traffic. Not do you know their marketing strategy. They could be generating quality leads from social media, emails or advertising. And for local sites, referrals and GMB can be far more lucrative than SEO.
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Hey fellas! Iā€™m a digital marketer with a few businesses in the US, which I have to manage on the maps (like Google, Bing, Apple Maps, etc, you know) somehow. Because I have to manage correct addresses and reviews it might be quite time-consuming. So, I am wondering, if there is any automotive solution, like a SaaS-platform. And if you know any, what are their pros and cons, and which one would you recommend? Thanks a lot in advance!

Hi Zachary, I'm the local SEO SME at Moz, and so, of course, would recommend Moz Local. šŸ˜‰ The main benefit, in my view, of using SaaS to manage multiple locations is that it frees you up to carefully manage your reviews. Moz Local will surface your incoming reviews on multiple platforms, giving you a heads-up to respond quickly to all reviews as core to your customer service strategy for retention, loyalty, conversions, etc. Respond to negative reviews in hopes of inspiring customers to transform them into more positive reviews due to the great and fast response they receive, and respond to positive reviews with interesting content beyond a simple "thanks", in hopes of encouraging the customer to do business with you again and recommend you via WOM to their friends and family. Thoughtfully-written reviews take time, and using SaaS for listings management can help you ensure you're spending that time on review responses instead of on hunting down inconsistencies and duplicates, or updating hours across the board.Ā 
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There are several services that manage addresses for businesses. MozLocal and BrightLocal are two well-known platforms. Podium has an interesting reviews service worth looking into.Ā 
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Whilst there are some automating tools, nothing beats the hand written content. You can tell when someone has taken the time to write the words, select the images and ensure everything is welcoming and trustworthy.
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