Hi Everyone, I’m new here. But I’ve always considered looking into Local SEO in a way to profit from it. I seen this website promoted on reddit, and now I’m here! πŸ˜…

Anyway, a couple of years back I set up a Facebook page β€œhot tub hire in (my town)” I put Β£10 into ads and just left the page. I started to get a lot of interest, and I still get interest to this day with people wanting to hire our hot tubs. I never got round to doing this simply because I realised it’s a bit of a pain and very time intensive.

Taking that idea forward I want to know some ideas, or some things you guys are doing to profit from local SEO, and something I could junp into and get started. For example profiting from searches like β€œT shirt printing near me” or β€œ t shirt printing in my town”.

I want to do something I can work on as a side judge alongside my amazon FBA business.Β