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Hi! Learning as much as I can about GMB. What to DIY and what to outsource? That's the eternal question.
What is your opinion about geotagging photos for GMB (either for posts, or just photo uploads)?

Obviously if taken on cellphone at the location, this data is already embedded. If it's not, do you add it?

Does google strip the data? Even if stripped, do you think it matters? Any other metadata you think is important? Do you have testing/data to support your opinion?
You know... this question has merit and the act can't hurt. There are a few places that mention this, but many of the main "how to optimize my gmb" result sites do not. However, I am a fan of "specifying" anything and everything - a geotag does its part. I will start doing this and actually comparing the data. This will probably be funky to follow - but I can imagine a few ways to see what works best - probably some sort of custom UTM URL to define a click - then over time, compare the clicks - which will give me a vague scope of which post/product people saw most. To better define that, I'd have to make these posts/products in very close relation to each other in regards to user intent - but I wouldn't duplicate one with geo and one without because then you add the duplicate content conundrum to the mix. I think there is much to study with GMB. This might be a great part to add to that.
I use a few diff apps to add in exif data to my images before I send them to instagram/twitter/flikr/tumblr etc.... I just change the gps and add in a author tag with my website or GMB
Hi! With the brainpower and experience of this group, I would love any feedback on our GMB listing

Sir, you're doing a great job. My advice:
1. Enable messaging
2. Provide more photos and put them in the right category, as I've noticed that the indoors category is empty
3. Provide descriptions for all your services, and if applicable, put the price there.

Hope this helps
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Hey Dave, I did a quick check on your rankings, by searching for the term "medical spa."  Looks like one of your best performing competitors is Aspire! Med Spa. 

Here's your ranking coverage.

By comparison, here's how Aspire is ranking for the same term at the moment.

Looking at their website, Aspire has done a pretty good job there.

  • They have detailed pages explaining each of their services.
  • There is a reviews page with a selection of their best reviews.
  • They have a blog that covers their services.

I also did a quick check on Aspire's link profile, and they seem to have a few pretty solid links that might be helping them out as well.

Hope that helps!  Let me know if you have any questions, I'm happy to talk more.
Would be interested in more of your thoughts
Any/all SEO related feedback welcome.
I do wish I hadn't used squarespace so some things are not fixable without complete redo. At inception I didn't know what I didn't know.

I like it. Try to write the whole business hours per day, as in: Monday 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM, Tuesday 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM, etc.
Also, I don't know what your analytics is telling you, but try to get rid of that annoying full screen email grabber that comes after scrolling.

hope this helps
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