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 GMB Gorilla  Thank you. I'm taking a deeper dive into their keyword rankings, but it's just so strange that it's happening with multiple clients across a variety of industries. 

 Andrew Lacy  we should circle back to this in a few weeks and compare notes.
 TerriT_MokpoMedia  Yes, let's zoom! Find a convenient time here:

Hey Laura! I started using Bright Local several weeks ago and I love it! It's a great to manage all my clients from a single dashboard. It works great for my team, too, who are assigned to specific clients. One tip: use those onboarding calls with their product team. They are so helpful! Let me know if you want to hop on a call sometime and we can "talk shop." I'm always open to networking and brainstorming with like minded professionals.
Karyn, Terry's advice is spot on. Also, using a PO box goes against TOS for GMB listings.
 Eric in Tally  hmmm, interesting. Thanks for the feedback. Let's hope the dust settles soon.
 GMB Gorilla  No, one is an attorney and the other is an HVAC company. I should clarify these numbers reflect the past 28 days. 
 Davis Baer  We LOVE OneUp at our agency. It's the perfect solution for posting to multiple GMB locations, not to mention the other amazing features! 😊