Digital Marketer, freelancer -
Both work and play are equally important. Freelanced on the side of a normal 9-5 for years, cutting the cord and going full freelance. I love to talk, chat, and work on businesses. Help solve problems, real problems. SMB's need some love.
I like testing stuff. I want to see how well a GMB does when there isn't a listing before and no website. This is for a Local home builder.

 I can't track good phone call leads as the local business doesn't use a CRM besides a notepad, and I don't want to port it. The contact and quote forms sent directly to me to see the quality of the lead. 

I'm about 4-weeks in. Services haven't been optimized with pricing or service info as I'm experimenting with various parts of GMB to see what it does. 

Week 1 - Listed Business (verified), 
Week 2 - Built GMB site, optimized all stuff on the info section. Created the first post. 
Week 3 - Started posting 1-2 times a week. Solicited a single review - received.  
Week 4 - Received loads of images - posted loads of images. 

Some insight photos below. 

Anyone else like to test and experiment?