I sell specialist baking equipment which is used to produce a quirky product called Kurtoskalacs or Chimney cake! I ship equipment all over the world. We work with family run businesses, sole traders, large companies and franchises.
Hi Cyber dwellers.. 
Small business owner here. I did the content of my web site and told my web guy where to put the various content and how the navigation should go etc. But I want to know what else I can do?. The feedback from my customers is that my web site is extremely informative and they feel they can trust me and my buisness (as my products are quite high ticket and folks buy from me from all over the world, sending payment before I ship the goods). My product is not mass market and I spend a lot of time on Facebook groups telling people about it and interacting with them without the HARD sell approach. When it comes to SEO I am bombarded everyday with spam emails, informing me that my site sucks in the rankings, but would have no idea who to trust and what they can actually do. So I thought that its time I learned more myself. So, here goes... Can you super talented people give me some feedback? My web site is: www.kurtos-kalacs.com
Hey new girl!

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Lousam replied
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Hi Lousam!

I took a quick look at your site and I think there are some opportunities for some quick wins. I see you are using WordPress. Below are some technical recommendations of how you can improve your site.

Improve Website Speed
Overall the website speed is good but I think you can do a little better.
  • Optimize images using a plugin like Shortpixel.
  • Consider removing the Customer Review widget in Footer. I would add reviews to the page as static text as it would reduce page size and content to your page which could be beneficial for SEO. (Id also consider removing the Facebook Page widget for the same reasons as the customer review widget.)
  • Remove unnecessary or unused WordPress plugins.
  • Please note, don't expect to get a performance score of 100. Focus on getting your page size, load time, and requests down.