Julian Canlas

Founder of Embarque, an agency for premium SEO content that converts
Hi Local SEO Community, I'm Julian, and I'm the founder of Embarque, an agency specializing in productized premium SEO content creation that converts. Really excited to share best practices and cool SEO tactics here!
Tangentially related, but I asked this to Ahrefs: https://twitter.com/patrickstox/status/1275811135753785344

Depending on domain relevance and the website's technical SEO, it can take a while for your links to get crawled. Rest assured: You'll see results sooner or later.
Hi everyone,

I'm Julian, and I'm the founder of embarque.io, a marketing agency specializing in creating premium SEO content that converts.

I've recently left my full-time job and ended all of my freelancing gigs to focus on building my agency, and so far, it's been great.

Keen to learn from everyone here. I just moved to Malta from Geneva (CH) around a month ago, so I might be a bit far away from everyone else in this group.

Fun fact: Been following Davis for a while now and big fan of OneUp. I tried to cold-email and turn him into a prospect but he swiftly (and very kindly) rejected me 😂. Part of the game.