Nia Gyant

Freelance SEO Writer & Brand Strategist
Marketing agencies and SMBs hire me to write their content and copy. I do so using a framework that I've dubbed Optimized 3X, which balances optimization 1) for the target audience, 2) for the unique brand I'm writing for, and 3) for search.

GMB Images For Service Business/Digital Deliverables?

Looking for creative approaches to images in GMB for businesses that don't have physical locations or products? 

For example, I'm a writer so I could do a few pictures of me at my desk/typing (but that feels cheesy and stock-photo-y). 

I have some graphics for my testimonials (that I'm going to re-do so that they're more eye-catching). And I could do screenshots of my writing once it's live on various websites. 

But I'm trying to think of some images that would stand WAY out. Any creative ideas?