Hi everyone,ย  Based in Brisbane, Australia.ย  I have a home building inspector client.ย  Their category is "Building Inspector", however many of their competitors are listed as "Home Inspector" (used Pleper to check).ย  When I have looked at the GMB Categories and changing the primary category to "Home Inspector" the "Home Inspector" category is not available in the list of categories.ย  Can anyone shine any light on why that is?ย  Especially when competitors are all in this same location with "Home Inspector"ย  Or am I looking at this the wrong way?ย  TIA.ย  Meganย 
GMB is constantly changing. Best to hit up GMB on twitter or contact support to see if you can get home inspector.ย 

However, I would check your current analytics for keyword and find out what one is of more value Home or Building.ย 
Megan replied
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