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GMB SPY - Chrome extension that allows you to see your competitor's categories, no need to check the source code anymore!


Gonna try it today, super excited :)

Version 1.2 of the GMBspy Chrome extension is now live and available for free download from the Chrome Store. Version 1.2 now allows spying in both Google.com/maps and Google.com/search. This version also includes new "Copy to Clipboard" feature.

Click here to download from the Chrome Store:
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Version 1.4 of our GMBspy Chrome extension is now live and available for free download from the Chrome Store. This is our official international version, supporting google.co.uk, google.es, google.com.ca and every others Google domain around the world. Version 1.4 works much more natively with international browsers, we ran some tests today and everything seems to be working as designed. Please share your feedback, thank you for your support.

Click here to download version 1.4 from the Chrome Store:
Local SEO in 2020


here is a good article detailing what has changed for us and how to approach Local SEO in 2020. Basically, from the article:

2010 local search paradigm:
Search -> Organic Result -> Website -> Contact Form -> Conversion

2020 local search paradigm:
Search -> Ad/GMB -> Conversion

Your thoughts?
Pros and cons for this, please. 
Is it vital for Local to make a GMB business site or is it something that is not recommended?
In my opinion you don't need one if you have a 'real' website, but it can't hurt. You can put your GMB posts on there, a map etc. Just make sure your GMB website link is to your real website instead of the free Google one.
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I've wondered this - never gone for it. I have a new site and a new GMB - I just turned it on. I also might do this for another established listing. Let's see!
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I think for local business it’s a must. I saw some study that 78% of local business is found on GMB/maps and only 22% through organic section. Plus nowadays voice is getting bigger (saw another study showing that 55% is found through voice (Siri/spotlight 37%, google assistant 36%, than Bing/Cortana , then Alexa/Amazon). Those voice searches show primarily map, local oriented results, not from organic. Both trends looks like will continue, meaning GMB/Apple Maps/bing Maps/Yelp/Yahoo-Yext will play more significant role in how ppl find local businesses
My colleague has an interesting bug I think, regarding GMB app.
So basically, he has 50 GMB locations, all verified but using his private Gmail account (which I think is the root of his problems).
So, on one of these GMB accounts, when a client sends a message, he responds as a owner (name of the business). The customer receives the message, first in a pop up form, in which he can see the respondee's name as a business, but when he (customer) enters that message thread,  in the reaspondee name is the private name and surname of my colleague. 
Has anybody come across this? Is it a bug?