Schema for plumbing/central heating


My clients are mostly plumbing companies focussing on boilers and central heating. We are doing schema markup for most of them, but have come to a bit of a crossroads. I came across a specific schema for HVAC businesses that looks perfect for most of my clients. 

The issue we are having, however, is deciding if we need to upload a new HVAC schema for every different location landing page or if it should be site wide? 

Also, if someone has an example of HVAC business schema already completed that would be incredibly helpful.


E-commerce related (competing pages)

Hi guys,

One of my clients has a product page ranking for a few selected KW’s. However, the aim to to get the category page we have put together for them to rank instead of the product page. 

I know if it’s not clear and there’s cannibalisation, google will become confused and won’t rank either page high. Is there a way of effectively moving the category page into the rankings, by swapping it with the product page?