Hi Sean,Β 

this is incredible helpful thanks!Β  For the service schema would you put a different one on each service + location page, e.g. would: boiler installation worcester and boiler repair worcester have seperate service schema and local business schema?Β 

Thanks both for the feedback, some useful stuff for sure.

We are still waiting for the content to be uploaded onto the category pages, which is why there is nothing on there at the moment. Hopefully it will help a lot though, as we have FAQ’s and description text.Β 

In regards to the variants, the reason we have variants at the moment is because we are trying to rank for multiple dog poo bag keywords (compostable, biodegradable). So instead of targeting it all at one page, with limited content allowance for each category page due to the client not wanting too much content. So we have decided this is the best route to take. Just need to avoid being seen as doorway pages.Β 
https://www.becopets.com/collections/compostable-poop-bags. - category page (still waiting for client to upload on page content we have made) Β 

https://www.becopets.com/products/home-compostable-dog-poop-bags. -- Product pageΒ 

Thanks :)
Things which I haven't included which would help: do GMB posts once a week, including images of interior and exterior of your shop, as well as posting regular images of new bikes and other products, when saving images make sure you tag them using related keywords or chosen keywords, make sure your description is filling up the full 750 characters and inclusive of your keyword and use the main keyword near the top of your description as that holds more influence.Β 
Hi JJ, I did a blog on this exact topic recently -How to rank higher in google maps. Hopefully, it helps, but let me know if you have any other questions :)