Hi guys,

One of my clients has a product page ranking for a few selected KW’s. However, the aim to to get the category page we have put together for them to rank instead of the product page. 

I know if it’s not clear and there’s cannibalisation, google will become confused and won’t rank either page high. Is there a way of effectively moving the category page into the rankings, by swapping it with the product page? 

You need to make the category page more robust. Add some introductory content to the top that explains why these poop bags are the sh*t, etc. Think USP, benefits, etc. Then, below the products, throw in 3-5 FAQs. This should help make this page "better" than the product page and thus more likely to rank. 

If this doesn't work, take a look at backlinks. Are more people linking to the product page or the category page? If the product page has more links, then you will need to spend time promoting your poop bag category.

These two things combined will help you scoop up better rankings.
What's the URL of the two pages?
https://www.becopets.com/collections/compostable-poop-bags. - category page (still waiting for client to upload on page content we have made)  

https://www.becopets.com/products/home-compostable-dog-poop-bags. -- Product page 

Thanks :)