Opinions on the best map ranking tool?

Trying to figure out what options might be better than bright locals tool.

Only really need it for tracking rankings on maps really, nothing else.

Need to consider:

Google directory links counted as toxic

If you have a directory that has a poor ratio of ranking kw's to traffic + a poor ratio of inbound to outbound links, do you think it is still worth having for local businesses?  

I am of the belief that if it has locational or niche relevance then it would be. But interested on getting an outside perspective. 

Drop in local rankings

Has anyone else seen a big drop in organic rankings but can't work out why? (for local service business)

Post not ranking

Hi all, 

We are trying to rank one of our clients blogs for a fairly competitive term "Grain free dog food". 

Recently their rankings have seen a bit of a decline, in part due to losing the 301 for their old domain which had some powerful links. But since then we have seen our rankings drop even further for the term "Grian free dog food" and related KW's, which I don't this is all to do with this 301. 

We have been editing the content over time to help improve rankings, but not much seems to be working. I was wondering if someone could tell me why a blog like this 'https://www.millieswolfheart.co.uk/gluten-free-dog-food' with worse DA, no subheading, no unordered lists, no images, no author bio, no backlinks, etc. is able to rank 3rd when ours is sitting around the 3rd/4th page 🧐. 

Our clients blog:

Copywriter, SEO & Digital Marketing

Looking for a copywriter who wants to get into SEO. Working in a range of industries, such as ecomm (pets, sustainability, jewellery), digital marketing and home improvemnts (local seo). 

It will be paid, but I am looking for someone keen to get hands on, eager to learn and who is incredibly ambitious. Potentially, someone I can build an agency and brand with. 

Need to be UK based. 

Please DM me if interested or know anyone who might be interested.
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Who can figure this out?

So I have a client who is targetting boiler installation related keywords for the location "Birmingham" (UK). We haven't seen much of a shift for a while, so are tweaking things slightly. 

But one of the competitors who ranks 1st organically for 'Boiler installation Birmingham' has surprised me. - https://www.moorhouseheating.com/new-boiler-birmingham/

They only have one reference to Birmingham (In their H1), have no backlinks to that page and seem to be a national company. They are also targetting "How much is a new boiler replacement in Birmingham?", which is not what you typically see ranking for direct KW's like the one above. 

Can anyone else figure out why Google might be ranking them at the top?

Huge drop in rankings

Hi All,

My client has multiple names they use for their business. Such as  'Elgar services', 'elgar plumbing and heating services' and 'elgar heating and plumbing services'. This however has caused some issues as we recently changed the name numerous times, but now have finally stuck with 'Elgar heating and plumbing services' and updated the citations to that. They are not very happy with the situation as they have gone from 4th to 17th on primary KW's, so I was wondering if anyone has been in this situation before, and if there is a quick way to get back to where we were?


Schema for plumbing/central heating


My clients are mostly plumbing companies focussing on boilers and central heating. We are doing schema markup for most of them, but have come to a bit of a crossroads. I came across a specific schema for HVAC businesses that looks perfect for most of my clients. 

The issue we are having, however, is deciding if we need to upload a new HVAC schema for every different location landing page or if it should be site wide? 

Also, if someone has an example of HVAC business schema already completed that would be incredibly helpful.


E-commerce related (competing pages)

Hi guys,

One of my clients has a product page ranking for a few selected KW’s. However, the aim to to get the category page we have put together for them to rank instead of the product page. 

I know if it’s not clear and there’s cannibalisation, google will become confused and won’t rank either page high. Is there a way of effectively moving the category page into the rankings, by swapping it with the product page?