I have a client's GMB that has Google constantly "confirm" my phone number and URL change only to change them back without saying anything hours later. Has anybody experienced this? I have no idea how to actually make it KEEP the changes. It doesn't even tell me about edits or anything, just swaps them back and acts like it's all good. Very frustrating.
Yes I have experienced this, make sure your number is in the top right of the page so they see it right away. Its most likely a competitor or unscrupulous SEO for a competitor who has a level 6 or above guide status. Google takes their word over yours and even over it clearly showing on the website sometimes!
The page is definitely right on the top right of the page, funny enough. It's a new website design but it obviously doesn't help if i can't even get the right phone number to confirm on their GMB. 
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I have a GMB location that has reviews randomly disappear recently. Apparently one reviewer even called the business to say he tried twice but couldn't leave a review. Has anybody else here experienced this? Nothing seems to be violating any guidelines and i haven't seen any email from Google stating that these reviews were removed.