Possible to recover a "removed" listing?

I accidentally removed a listing i shouldn't have and was wondering/hoping there's a process to get that listing back, as it had reviews and the other listing i have does not. 

Merging two GMB listings?

I have somehow ended up with a client that has two GMB listings, one with reviews and one without reviews. I'm trying to combine them but is that even possible? Google is no help as usual. 

For more context, this location was a huge pain in the neck to verify using the postcard, so while I could just optimize the one with reviews and delete the other listing i know Google will make me verify again, and that process is not something we can go through again (phone call/text verification doesn't work). Hence my desire to combine the two GMBs....if possible. 

*I have access to BOTH GMB listings, FYI*

I wish Google would have *any* sort of customer service available but we all know they're no help at all.

GMB listings you own not searchable?

I have four different client listings that i supposedly manage (got the email that says i manage them) but when i search for them i can't find them at all. Anybody else experiencing something like this right now? first i've ever experienced this and i'm not sure if it's something with Google or not.

Why won't Google let me remove a duplicate listing?

I have a business with a duplicate location and the original location, so I'm trying to remove the duplicate listing, but it only lets me mark as permanently closed. Any reason why some i can remove and some i can't?

Any way to block emails trying to get access to a GMB location?

For example, we get loads of these:

I work with many clients who see these all the time and we're wondering if there's a way to stop these or if we're just doomed to put up with them. Nobody knows who these people are. 

Possible to get a list of all reviews for several GMB locations total?

If i have a client with many locations is it even remotely possible to somehow get a list of all reviews total for all locations? My gut tells me no but i figured i'd reach out and inquire anyway.
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GMB changing phone number and URL back after confirming them?

I have a client's GMB that has Google constantly "confirm" my phone number and URL change only to change them back without saying anything hours later. Has anybody experienced this? I have no idea how to actually make it KEEP the changes. It doesn't even tell me about edits or anything, just swaps them back and acts like it's all good. Very frustrating.

Reviews randomly disappearing?

I have a GMB location that has reviews randomly disappear recently. Apparently one reviewer even called the business to say he tried twice but couldn't leave a review. Has anybody else here experienced this? Nothing seems to be violating any guidelines and i haven't seen any email from Google stating that these reviews were removed. 

Has anybody gotten this error before? I can't reverify until i fix issues that aren't known to me at all.