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30+ years in software and web development. Retired a couple of years ago to start an appliance repair business. Having a ton of fun.

It's doing well in Local in the 3-pack, but doesn't make it to the first page of the organic listings.

While some of the sites that rank better than me are huge like Sears, others are terrible sites with little actual content but are still beating me.

Any suggestions?



What keywords are you going for to be on the first page? I can make a small check if you want.
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Your content is a little light. You could do a bit better with on-page structure, UX and some copy. You only have 1 h-tag on some pages and 2 on others. Your meta title and descriptions should be harness to urge the user to click through. Some of the images are confusing. Menu fix or replace is confusing. You give free estimates - I might use that on every page with a CTA to your contact form.Β Β 

I'm not a big fan of the colors. Better contrast usually converts more, generally white base for business sites.Β 

Site seems really fast, that's great. Reviews are easy to see and vet your business, that's good too. Works well on mobile.Β 
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